Bring Back Good (It Starts with You)

I was standing on a bus heading home from dinner when it stopped and opened its doors. A homeless man peeking in from the streets ask a woman inside the bus for a piece of pizza from the white box she held in her hands. When she agreed to not only give him a piece of pizza but the entire box, he quickly began to approach the bus. When he got there, the doors closed. With what I can only imagine to be cold, stiff fingers, he tried his best to pry open the bus doors. His blue gloves were worn to the point they were now fingerless gloves. He was unkempt, scruffy and he wore old, mismatched clothes. As he fought with the doors to get them to reopen, the bus began moving and he was forced to give up. My heart immediately broke. I wanted to yell out at the bus driver to stop. To give the man the opportunity that he was fighting so hard for. Instead I did nothing. I remained silent and looked out the window with a heavy, guilty heart.

My heart was heavy because I witnessed a man fighting for piece of pizza. Something that I so casually take for granted. My heart felt guilty because after having dinner with a group of people, I failed to think of the homeless people on the streets of Denver and left untouched food on the table. I walked out of the restaurant with a wasted opportunity.

Seconds later, I saw the same homeless man sprinting down the sidewalk trying to make it to the next bus stop. My heart was racing and I began to cheer him on in my head. The bus stopped and the doors opened. The woman step closer to the door and handed the man her box of pizza. He smiled, said thank you and turned and walked away.

Weeks later, I am still thinking about this moment. The woman handing him a box of pizza probably didn’t change his circumstances. I am sure he woke up the next morning still homeless. But, the tenderhearted dreamer in me likes to think that her simple act of kindness gave him hope. Hope that there is still good in people. That maybe people would slow down, notice others, and take steps toward bringing back good. Good in the home. Good in the school. Good in the community. Good in the world. The opportunities are there every single day. Take a moment to look a stranger in the eyes. Listen to someone’s story. Smile. It’s a big world out there. ‪#‎bringbackgood‬

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