Ocean view

Sounds of the Ocean

She calls to me with her gentle whispers riding on the crests of waves. Each whisper softly lures me closer to her as if she is calling me home. And as I close my eyes, the sound of her voice sweeps over me like a sweetly sung lullaby; a gentle touch to the face. Her liquid lips kiss the white sandy shoreline as each wave slowly breezes in and breezes out.

Her never-ending body represents the vast hope that lies within my soul–the hope for something more, something greater. Each morning as the sun paints the sky with oranges, pinks and reds, she shimmers with enlightenment. And each night as the moon caresses her body, his reflection flickers with infinite possibility.

In stillness, she represents solitude. Creativity. Thought. As I gaze across her, I begin to dream and wonder. I can actually breathe for I am finally free. Free from heartache and struggle, from worry and from doubt. Free from all the things that cloud my mind with darkness. Completely and utterly free.

And even in times when the sky rumbles and her waters rage, my soul is calm. As she uses her unyielding power to violently crash her waves upon the rocks, I am reminded to be strong and fearless. Nothing can stop her. Nothing can own her.

I am inspired by her beauty. Moved by her greatness. She quiets my mind and makes me whole. It is though God created her just for me; to use her as a conduit to speak to my heart so that I could have the slightest understanding of his infinite being. Her whispers become God’s whispers. Each whisper becomes an invitation to draw closer to him, to trust him, to love him and to experience the freedom only he can offer. My time with her becomes my time with him. It’s intimate. It’s real.

It is through the whispers of the waves, I hear the words I am with you and I do love you. Be still.

“Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.” ~ Psalm 62:5

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  1. Joyce Walters

    Thank you for so beautifully expressing what I try so clumsily explain to my friends about my love for the ocean.

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